The Time Traveler’s Wife

TimeTravellersWifeI read this book for a month. I like this book, better than the Harry Potter.

This book tells a story about a Time Traveler, Henry, he can jump back and forth in time, but he couldn’t control when to jump or jump to when. His wife, Clare, she met Henry during his travel when she is 6 years old, She loves Henry when she is only a little girl, how lucky she is, met the one when she is only a children.

Clare, his wife, she spent her whole life waiting, waiting for Henry’s next appearance, even he is dead, she waits for nearly 40 years for his next short appearance, I think it is too sad so the film changed it. In the film, Henry didn’t leave a note to his wife, Henry says I don’t want you spend your life waiting.

Henry, he is a lucky man, the girl told him that she is the one when they first met, while most of us are not, we doubt, we don’t know when we can’t keep it. Of course, living such a life is terrible, the man now and the man in the future are totally different. The future you told you that you will fall in love with someone, while you are not now, what are you going to do? Waiting? What’s the worse is that the girl loves the future you, she may dislike you now.

Henry died in the end, left an letter, telling Clare that they will meet in the distant future when Clare is an old lady, so the Clare waits, waits for 40 years for his appearance.

What will you do if you already knew the bad result? What will you do if you know that the love story ends in an unhappy way? Should this story ever begin? I chose yes, but I regret it.

I always think I’m a tough guy, there is nothing I can’t stand, but the man like this is week, I devote myself into working, coding, I love my work, I love the computers, the computer has no feeling, it is loyal, it’s reliable, but there is something it doesn’t have, there is something that the computer make you feel more lonely.

I compresse many thoughts into my deep heart, sometimes I want find someone, someone to express my feelings, how bad I am, how pathetic I am, forgetting how strong I am.

The most unforgettable thing was in January, 2010, I flew back home, and lost my cellphone, I was very depressed, found a cab to take me to a hotel, it was midnight, about 3 a.m, every hotel room was very expensive, and I was still far away from my home, every one seemed like bad guys because someone had just stolen my cellphone. I felt so lonely, I wanted to find some help but no one could help me, I felt so helpless and stupid at that moment, I realized how week I am, two and a half years passed, I still remember that night, how helpless, how week I am. Thank you, fate, you taught me how small I am, you taught how pathetic I am.

Fate is cruel, especially when you know your fate, Henry can time travel, but he can not change anything, because that’s the fate, it already happened, the god is just playing it as the script. Do you want to know anything about your future? Why would I want to know if I can do nothing with it, one of my friends told me that she believes in fate, everything, everything around us is predestined, I asked why, how did you prove that? She answered no, you can’t prove that, but you can’t prove it’s wrong, yes, I can’t prove it’s wrong, just like the theology, it can explain everything, anything you can’t explain with science can be explained with theology, but I don’t think it is useful, because it can’t predict anything.

What will happen in 5 years? I don’t know, will I live happy and comfortable? I’ve been seeking money for many years, I hope I will have my own business, I hope I can live happy, I hardly dare to hope that I will have a family and children. I just hope that I will not regret when I look back.

What will I say to myself if I can time travel to 5 years ago? I will say “Dude, live your life, you will have a fantastic life!”

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